5 Ways to Get Your Business 'Back to School'...

even if you’re an adult, there’s something about september that gets us all into that ‘back to school’ frame of mind…

We’ve taken our first step back into the world of school with our little guy this past week – there’s been so much to prepare! Uniforms, school shoes, books, the works. And it got me thinking about how all of us could benefit from a bit of that ‘back to school’ mentality to kick start our businesses after the summer…

I must confess, I was always that kid who quite enjoyed getting back down to it in September. There’s something quite inspiring about a fresh new year ahead of you, full of opportunities. It’s something I’ve tried to carry into my adult life (as let’s face it, it’s been some considerable time since I was walking through those school gates!) – so here are my 5 tips on how to get ‘back to school’ in business.


1. Make sure you’ve got your essentials packed

Getting a new bag and pencil case was always, hands down, the best thing about the start of term (#stationeryaddict). It’s the time of year when it’s crucial you’ve made sure you have everything you’ll need to learn. It’s the same with work. Now is a great time to evaluate whether the tools you’re currently working with are still serving their purpose. Are you in dire need of some new software? Is your laptop running on fumes? If something isn’t working as it should, it could well be holding you back from meeting your goals. September is the perfect time to get that sorted out!

Alternatively, popping down to Paperchase and nabbing yourself a gorgeous new notebook or set of pens can also be a great boost to the new term!


2. Take time to ‘walk to school’

When you’re a kid, the walk to school is the time when you gear yourself up for the day. The fresh air and the exercise energise you ready for first lesson. However, as adults, it’s all too easy to skip this step and head straight to your desk for the day – especially if you’re a home based business (like me), where the commute is non-existant!

Lately, I’ve been taking a short walk in the morning before walk in place of a commute and what a difference it’s made! Getting outside the house allows you to get your head in the game and hit the ground running – and makes sure you get dressed, I’m talking to you home workers!


3. Reconnect with friends and meet new people

Those first weeks back to school are a flurry of excitement – catching up with what all your friends have been up to during the summer and making plans for the years ahead. As someone who went to school back in the pre-social media days, we would often all be out of touch for weeks at a time. It can be the same in business – often as we’re juggling family outings, summer holidays and last minute sunny day plans, it’s all too easy to let certain business tasks get pushed onto the back burner. Social media posting and marketing are often the first thing to go out the window when we’re rushed off our feet! Why not spend some time this September reconnecting with your fans and followers over on your social media channels. Let them know what you’ve been up to and ask them how they’ve been doing – get a conversation going!

We’re often also introduced to brand new people at the start of the school year as year groups move on and arrive. Why not introduce some new friends and connections into your business circle by visiting a new networking group? Meetings are starting up again all over the country after the summer break – now’s a great time to get out there with your business cards!


4. Get your timetable organised

Summer days, whilst fun and spontaneous, do not inspire discipline in most of us. Let’s be honest, most of us spend summer distinctly off timetable don’t we? Come September, it’s time to sit down and get back into that working mindset. It can be really difficult to make that switch – it often takes me a while to get properly back into my working groove.

Rather than suffocating under a mountainous to do list of jobs, try grouping your tasks breaking your time down into hourly or two-hourly blocks ie. 1st hour emails / 2nd hour making products / etc. Write it all down at the start of the day and set an alarm. Once the allotted time is up, it’s time to switch activity. If it helps, get up and move around for 5/10 minutes between blocks. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get back into the swing of things – and you’ll have achieved tons!


5. Make sure your ‘uniform’ is still looking its best!

By the end of the summer term, it’s pretty safe to say that school uniforms across the country are looking pretty ratty. After a full year of wear, day in day out, those blazers and trousers are well and truly worn out. Even the most neat and tidy child will have grown an inch or two, leaving sleeves short and waist bands tight!

Our brands are just the same, they are the uniform we wear every single day. They work really hard for us and in time, they can wear out just like those clothes. Some will look past their best – dated and perhaps even old fashioned. Others will simply no longer fit. Our businesses develop and grow and sometimes brands just don’t keep up.

If your brand is past its best, now is an excellent time to get in touch with a designer to get things looking tip-top once more. Whether it’s a full rebrand or simply some new printed leaflets you need, as we head into what can be the busiest months for many businesses, it’s crucial things are looking their very best.


So how are you going to give your business that ‘back to school’ boost?

If your brand needs a September spruce up, drop me a line! We’ll get it looking sharp and ready for the new term!

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