Being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons...

Having the courage to stand out from the crowd

When i rebranded to swaddle//creative, i decided to adopt a new company motto – ‘be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’.

It’s something that sits at the very core of what I do and I truly believe it’s something everyone can embrace in their business life…

At its most simple, it comes down to making sure you stand out from the crowd everywhere you take your business. We’ve all been at networking events where there a host of other people with very similar businesses, all competing for the same potential customers. To make them come to you first, they have to notice you and feel attracted to your business. The best way to do that? Do something different to all the rest!

It’s easy to feel disheartened at that kind of advice. When looking at what your competitors are offering, it’s often said that ‘all the ideas are taken’ and ‘everything’s already being done’. On paper that may be so, but they’re all missing that core ingredient that only your business has – you!

I read a fantastic quote today from Dave Grohl that sums up what I’m trying to say perfectly…


No-one is you and that is your power!

Hard to argue with that! So, next time you want to stand out from the crowd and feel different, think about how you can inject that little bit of you and your personality into what you’re selling. Always remember, people buy from people!

It could be something as simple as an eye-catching outfit, a handwritten welcome card or – of course – beautifully designed marketing materials! It doesn’t have to be wacky or over the top, just something that will catch someone’s eye and maybe even make them smile. It’s the little things that people remember and appreciate.

I’d love to hear how you inject a little bit of ‘flamingo’ into your business!

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