by Swaddle//Creative

5 Ways to Get Your Business ‘Back to School’…

even if you’re an adult, there’s something about september that gets us all into that ‘back to school’ frame of mind…

We’ve taken our first step back into the world of school with our little guy this past week – there’s been so much to prepare! Uniforms, school shoes, books, the works. And it got me thinking about how all of us could benefit from a bit of that ‘back to school’ mentality to kick start our businesses after the summer…

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Help! I’ve Fallen Out of Love with My Brand! (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two part series on rebranding.
Missed the first one?

No problem – click here to read it and then come back for the second course. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you!

So. You’ve made the decision that it’s time to rebrand. But there’s something still holding you back. It’s a big step right?

Well, I’m here to tell you my top 3 reasons why a change can do you – and your business – a whole world of good. (By the way, incase you couldn’t tell, March’s focus word is CHANGE. So let’s focus…)

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Help! I’ve Fallen Out of Love with My Brand! (Part 1)

It’s happened to us all. You wake up one morning and the
outfit you once loved just doesn’t work for you anymore.

It used to look so great – it was so ‘you’! But overtime, it got a little worn around the edges, the colour faded. Perhaps it’s a little baggy, or a little tight around the seams. No big deal right? Your style had changed anyway, you’d moved on. Just a normal part of life – we change, we grow.

Maybe you’ve had it with a house, a car, a hobby – heck, even a person! We outgrow things. We fall out of love with them. And when we do fall out of love with something, there’s no sense hanging onto it, so we move onto something that suits us perfectly.

So what happens if the thing we’ve fallen out of love with is our brand?

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Logos vs Brands

If you run a business, it’s more than likely that you’ll have a logo.

One that you put on all your marketing materials, your company uniforms and your website. Yet, things might not working for you quite as well as you’d like. If you line all your printed materials up next to each other – do they look like a set? No? Then chances are you need to ask yourself this question…

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A Brand for Britain

It seems like the Opening Ceremony was only yesterday…

As I watched the celebrations, it struck me what a gargantuan task Danny Boyle had been faced with. How do you sum up Britain’s culture, politics, academia, geography and people – everything that we have achieved and endured for over the past few thousand years? How do you tell the entire world, some of whom probably know very little about us as a nation, who we are and where we’ve been?

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