Help! I've Fallen Out of Love with My Brand! (Part 1)

How to tell if you've outgrown your look

It’s happened to us all. You wake up one morning and the
outfit you once loved just doesn’t work for you anymore.

It used to look so great – it was so ‘you’! But overtime, it got a little worn around the edges, the colour faded. Perhaps it’s a little baggy, or a little tight around the seams. No big deal right? Your style had changed anyway, you’d moved on. Just a normal part of life – we change, we grow.

Maybe you’ve had it with a house, a car, a hobby – heck, even a person! We outgrow things. We fall out of love with them. And when we do fall out of love with something, there’s no sense hanging onto it, so we move onto something that suits us perfectly.

So what happens if the thing we’ve fallen out of love with is our brand?

There are some tell-tale signs. Maybe you find yourself embarrassed at networking events when handing over business cards, or you find yourself making apologies for your site before people have even seen it? Do you find yourself thinking ‘well it’ll do’ when putting together graphics for your social media site or – gulp – your clients. (Word to the wise: ‘It’ll do’ will rarely do…)

Not to worry! Just like that worn-out jacket or too small house, your brand has done its job but now it’s simply past its sell by date. It happens.

And here’s a secret – it happens to designers too.

So, today, if you’re feeling itchy and unsatisfied with your brand – ask yourself ‘Does it fit anymore?’

If the answer is no, it’s time to take the leap – it’s time to rebrand!

You may be wondering why I’m talking about this with such fervour. Well friends, I too have felt that squeeze of an ill-fitting brand. It was time to retire my old look and move onto something bigger, brighter and fresher. Something that summed up my business (and its ambitions!) to the whole world. 

In Part 2 of this post, I’m going to tell you my top reasons why rebranding could be the best thing you could possibly do for your business. Keep your eyes peeled!

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