My Foolproof Method for Naming Your Business

NAming a new enterprise or product can be a tricky old business…

It’s the first thing every one of us must do when we start out on our business journey, but for many people  it’s the first stumbling block. 

Should you go down the ‘random combination of words’ route? Should you choose your own name perhaps? Does it have to be something deep and meaningful or should it just be something that sounds really cool?

Decisions, decisions.

Having been through a renaming myself recently, I know only too well that it’s all too easy to get tied up in knots about what to call your company.

In this week’s video, I share my method for choosing a name that will be absolutely bulletproof. It came to me when we were naming our little boy and I can tell you it really works!

How did you arrive on your business name? I’d love to know!

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